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Artist Bio

All About Jolene Rene

I have been interested in different aspects of art since I was quite young. As a child in elementary school, I remember I always wanted to be an artist when I grew up. I loved drawing and coloring, making any project that I could "pretty". My main focus of an artistic medium then grew into music which took up a lot of my time up until college where I studied Music, majoring in Trombone. After finding that I didn't want to spend time practicing, I strayed away from music and took some time to grow. I re-found something I really am passionate about and love spending a lot of my time on; I once again found my love of drawing and coloring. I love spending my spare time creating things and once I got my tablet, I found myself constantly practicing and creating. I am looking forward to continuing being creative and making things to bring a smile to others!

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